My new book is more than just a book of poems

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“love yourself poetry” is more than a book of poetry by author Jeff Ehren as it invites readers to become an active participant. Throughout the book there is space for thoughtful breaks so that readers may write notes. At the end of…

A non-binary androgenous person figures out what turns them on

Unisexi Taylor (photo by Jesse Flanagan Photography)

A Familiar Scene
A woman is tied to a chair. Sitting in front of three men, she plays the role of the captured spy. Two men stand by as the third threatens her. He conveys his displeasure for having to punish such a pretty woman. She asks if he really finds…

One of the best crime dramas on Netflix hails from Finland

Ville Virtanen and Matleena Kuusniemi

The third season of “Bordertown” is available on Netflix. If the series ended today, viewers would crave more while imagining the possibilities if the story continued.

Kari Sorjonen, played brilliantly by Ville Virtanen, is an investigator with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Helsinki, Finland. The stress of work…

A 60-year-old drag queen in Eugene, Oregon shares his story

Bill Sullivan in the green room before the 20th anniversary of “Damsels, Divas and Dames”…

Daphne and Bill

On a darkened theater stage, she gave the cue for her spotlight. Daphne Storm, wearing heels and a wig, dominated the space with her nearly seven-foot frame.

She lip-synced and strolled downstage, signaling another spotlight for the man to her side. His shirt fit tightly over his chiseled torso as…

Once the department got into a groove, time flew by. I didn’t even realize that three more months had passed from the day I fucked my colleague, Sarah, who then got ate out by my former colleague, Megan.

I had gotten the official word that our boss had been fired…

Jeff Ehren

Publications: New Day Poetry; Jeff's Television & Film Reviews; Pleading the 5th (Erotica); and Inclusion Revolution.

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